A tourist residence in the Val d'Azun with an environmental approach
Why this eco-responsible approach?

Our tourist residence "Les chalets d'Arrens is committed to a concreteecological approach , in order to reduce our impact on nature, to preserve natural resources and to limit pollution forsustainable development .

Our objectives are simple to implement:

  • We save energy and water
  • We reduce our production of waste and recycle it.
  • We collect your waste for recycling
  • We improve the local environment
  • We favor short circuits

We are happy to make you benefit from this advantage and hold at your disposal the details of our approach in our documentation as well as at the reception. The information available in your home will help you understand some of the practices.

Presenting no constraint for you, they serve only the respect of our environment.
More than a fashion, ecology is a necessary change in terms of the protection of natural resources, but also in terms of savings. We were inspired by the directives of the Green Key, label and restoration of France and Europe.

An environmental approach rooted in our values

For several months now, aware of the fragile balance of our planet and our responsibilities, our tourist residence "Les chalets d'Arrens has been committed to carrying out a certain number of eco-responsible actions. We have implemented an active and preventive approach through common sense actions and eco-citizen gestures andvarious actions have already been carried out and many more are yet to come.

Discover Our eco-responsible approach and our actions in favor of the environment

Waste management and recycling

We organize the selective collection of our waste so that it is recycled as much as possible

  • Our waste such as: paper, newspapers and magazines, cardboard, glass, printer and photocopier ink cartridges, batteries, plastics, metals including cans, textiles, etc.
  • Green waste is taken to our compost bin
  • Any polluting, electronic & bulky waste is taken to the recycling center
  • We primarily use recycled paper, organic and eco-labeled items
  • We recycle Nespresso coffee capsules
  • We recycle plastic caps, and drop them off at the recycling center

Technical control

We perform self-monitoring of energy and water consumption

Architecture and landscape

We maintain and enhance the green spaces of our tourist residence with explanations

  • Every year, we plant at least one tree around the residence
  • We improve the thermal insulation of our accommodation every year

Awareness and training

All staff participated at least once a year in an awareness meeting on our environmental policy

We inform our customers of the actions carried out in favor of the consideration of the environment in our tourist residence and encourage them to participate.

Energy savings

Implementation of an electricity package by type of accommodation and season to limit electricity consumption.

See table below:







Independent CHALET 6 Pers 25 Kwa 90 Kwa 35 Kwa 120 Kwa
CHALET 6 People 20 Kwa 80 Kwa 30 Kwa 80 Kwa
CHALET 4 People 15 Kwa 60 Kwa 20 Kwa 60 Kwa
SUITE 2/4 People 10 Kwa 40 Kwa 15 Kwa 40 Kwa

On your arrival and your departure we will read together the electricity meter of the accommodation.

If you are in the electric plan you will not pay extra

If you are above the package you will pay 0.30€/ additional Kwa

  • Rainwater collector
  • Installation of a general button to turn off the lights in two dwellings under test
  • Green energy contract for sustainable development

A step into the future

Charging station for electric cars

Implementation of environmental actions according to developments